Proper Cleaning and Care Guide for Saunas & Steam Rooms

Proper Cleaning and Care Guide for Saunas & Steam Rooms

Given the moist warmth present inside sauna and steam rooms, careful hygiene and maintenance habits prevent gradual build up of odors, stains or visibility issues from glass fogging/mineral deposits along with potential mold risks over time if unchecked.

This comprehensive guide outlines helpful housekeeping best practices protecting beautiful appearances, sanitation and air quality across wood, glass, tile and heating element surfaces using appropriate techniques and cleaning products suiting each area. Learn proper sauna and steam room care ensuring immaculate, relaxing atmospheres for years.

Overview of Cleaning Frequency Recommendations

We suggest homeowners follow these general sauna and steam room surface cleaning frequencies as a sensible starting guide supplementing post session wipe downs:


  • Glass Doors + Walls
  • Seating Areas
  • Flooring

**Weekly **


  • Ceilings + Hard to Reach Areas
  • Ventilation Grilles
  • Audio Devices + Controls
  • Light Fixtures


  • Full Deep Cleanings
  • Water Damage Inspections
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Equipment Maintenance

Adjust schedules depending on sauna/steam room usage levels and number of users. Public facilities or family sized configurations warrant more frequent touch ups.

Helpful Sauna & Steam Room Cleaning Checklist

Print out this comprehensive cleaning task checklist with cleaning product suggestions as a helpful reminders staying on top of all areas:

Glass and Mirrors

  • Apply Anti-Fog Spray
  • Clean with Vinegar or Rubbing Alcohol Mix
  • Rinse Residue
  • Squeegee Dry

Wood Wall Panels + Benches

  • Dust All Visible Surfaces
  • Spot Clean Marks
  • Apply Wood Conditioners
  • Buff with Soft Cloth

Floors + Platforms

  • Sweep Away Debris
  • Mop Using Multi-Surface Cleaners
  • Rinse Away Residues
  • Let Air Dry

Ceramic Wall Tiles

  • Spray Tile Cleaning Solution
  • Agitate Stains with Stiff Brush
  • Rinse Thoroughly
  • Repeat on Grout Lines

Heating Systems + Rocks

  • Remove Rocks/Elements
  • Rinse Away Dust Build Up
  • Disinfect Surfaces
  • Dry Completely Before Replacing

Ventilation Grilles

  • Remove and Soak in Vinegar Solution
  • Loosen Clogs Using Brush
  • Rinse Away Mineral Deposits
  • Air Dry and Replace

Step by Step Surface Area Cleaning Methods

Learn the ideal cleaning products and techniques suited to protecting each sauna and steam room surface material:

Glass and Mirror Surfaces

As glass easily shows water spots, streaks and fogging issues under lighting, stay vigilant using:

  • Specialty Glass Anti-Fog Sprays – Prevent fog build up and let water condense into drops that run off smoothly preventing sticking residues. Apply lightly before sessions.
  • 50/50 Vinegar & Water Mix – Green cleaning glass using a half vinegar and water mix helps break down alkaline water deposits and soap scum wiped away with soft microfiber cloths.
  • Squeegees – After rinsing cleaner residues, run a squeegee from top to bottom eliminating pooled water and drying faster to prevent driving minerals left behind.

Wood Wall Panels and Benches

Maintaining beautiful wood finish appearances without bleaching or erosion requires gentle care using:

  • Gentle Soap Dusting – Frequently dust wood surfaces using microfiber dusters to pick up dead skin cells, dirt and grime before accumulation.
  • Light Sanding – In the event of noticeable scratches or superficial staining, very mild sanding using fine 400+ grit sandpaper smoothens defects evenly without removing varnish layers.
  • Wood Conditioners – Apply wood protecting creams or waxes to bench tops and wood walls twice yearly to nourish oak, cedar or other porous woods from drying while enhancing natural grains.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

As grout lines easily trap contaminants stain and discolor tile crevices, deep cleaning tactics help:

  • pH Neutral Floor Cleaners – Use versatile tile and grout friendly cleaners like ammonia-free Terminator brand solutions which lift dirt and build up rinsing cleanly after soaking 5 minutes without bleach or soap residues.
  • Stiff Grout Brushes – Help force cleaner penetration and agitation to lift stains inside grout lines and texture for improved results over sprays alone.
  • Steam Cleaners – For convenient, chemical free heavy duty ceramic restoration removing years of accumulated scales and oils, heated steam vapor machines blast away grime restoring original appearance.

Heating System and Steam Generator Care

Ensuring clean heating element surfaces prevent odors and optimize air quality using:

  • Remove Rocks/Heaters – Switch off breakers carefully removing volcanic rock piles or electric heating elements like ceramic emitters to access hidden surfaces.
  • Deep Clean Exteriors – Use hot water and vinegar with nylon brushes removing mineral scales and calcium on metallic surfaces until fully descaled.
  • Disinfecting Wipes – Thoroughly wipe down all rock and heater surfaces using sanitizing wipes eliminating microbes and sweat residues.
  • Fully Dry Before Replacing – Ensure volcanic rocks and heating elements completely air dry for 1-2 days before replacing into units avoiding moisture risks and electrical shorts.

Preventative Sauna & Steam Room Maintenance

Beyond daily cleaning for appearances, preventative maintenance saves money avoiding breakdowns through:

  • Annual Deep Cleanings – Book deep cleanings yearly to access, sanitize and replace worn parts like water buckets, ladles before deterioration.
  • Check Door Seals – Ensure rubber seals around glass doors maintain tight fits preventing costly steam loss and moisture leaking risks annually.
  • Electrical Inspections – Confirm heating systems, mood lighting and steam generator electrical terminals, circuits and GFCI outlets show no loose wiring annually minimizing shock hazards.
  • Water Leak Checks – Carefully inspect ceiling corners, wood joints and floor/wall interfaces for potential moisture accumulation indicating leaks requiring resealing twice yearly.

An ounce of prevention equals a pound in repair savings through proactive diagnostics!

FAQs on Caring for Saunas and Steam Rooms

Unsure about aspects of properly maintaining your luxury sanctuaries? Here are some common maintenance questions we receive:

How often should deep cleanings occur?

We recommend booking deep cleanings flushings all surfaces, crevices, air ducts and replacing worn parts around ever 12 months depending on usage levels. Increase frequencies for public or membership based multi user sites which see more traffic.

When should repairs get addressed?

As delays risk further deterioration like unchecked leaks causing wood warping or mould outbreaks, immediately contact technicians to diagnose issues for fastest resolution to minimize down times.

What replaces mould damaged wood sections?

In the event small leaks create isolated wood mould outbreaks, surgically removing the affected wood strips for localized replacements retains surrounding integrity rather than full wall replacements restoring perfection faster.

Have any other sauna or steam room care questions? Reach out to our service experts any time providing reliable guidance protecting pristine sanctuaries for peace of mind!


Regular sauna and steam room cleaning and deliberate preventative maintenance together ensure the ambiance, charm and guest experience within luxury home relaxation spaces withstand enjoyable service for their full lifetimes while protecting investments.

Implementing a consistent cleaning routine guided by helpful checklists removes gradual dirt build up before becoming problematic while proactive annual equipment inspections nip creeping repair issues quicker. Partnering reputable service teams supplements the process preventing undue wear and tear.

Make the commitment today towards upholding the calming atmospheres your home sauna and steam rooms first delivered the day installations completed for happy, healthy and purified talks, steam and sanctuary sessions ahead.

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