Sauna and Steam Room Contractors in Dubai

Sauna and Steam Room Contractors in Dubai

Investing in a luxury sauna or steam room for your home, hotel, gym or spa in Dubai brings immense benefits for both physical health and mental wellbeing. With Dubai’s hot climate, having a soothing steam room or detoxifying sauna sanctuary to unwind in is an increasingly popular amenity for personal and commercial facilities alike.

However, without the expertise of Sauna Steam Room contractors, your project could easily run into problems failing to meet design, function or safety expectations. Installing steam rooms and saunas requires professional skills in waterproofing, electrical systems, plumbing, ventilation and finish work to not only look beautiful but also last for years while keeping users safe and healthy.

This article provides a complete guide on what to look for in top sauna and steam room contractors in Dubai capable of properly designing, supplying and installing a custom sauna or steam room tailored to your space and needs.

Qualities of the Best Sauna & Steam Room Contractors

With Dubai’s booming construction industry, countless contractors may claim they can handle a sauna or steam room installation, but few possess the experience and qualifications you should demand for such a technical, high value amenity. Before hiring any company, ensure they exhibit these vital traits:

Niche Industry Specialists

Look for licensed contractors specializing specifically in sauna and steam room projects rather than general builders. This niche expertise ensures they have mastered the many unique considerations of these rooms.

Ample Related Project Experience

Request photos and details of previous sauna and steam room projects completed locally in Dubai. More completed installations in the region equate to valuable familiarity with local regulations, climate, buyer preferences and sourcing.

Use of Top Tier Brands & Materials

The best contractors establish supply channels with leading sauna and steam room equipment manufacturers like Helo, Tylo, Finnleo and Steamist along with reputable suppliers of grade A wood, glass, tiles and lighting. This ensures exceptional quality in the products installed.

Detailing in Design & Planning

High attention to detail is vital in the design and planning phase to customize placements and layouts catering to your space limitations, visual themes, user capacity and functional priorities ahead of installation.

Expert Project Management

Look for dedicated project managers who closely oversee the staging of all electrical, ventilation, plumbing, carpentry and finishing work completed by their professional tradespeople for efficient, smooth installations.

Strong Warranties & Service

Reputable sauna and steam room contractors stand behind their workmanship and installed products by offering extended warranty periods beyond 12 months along with ongoing maintenance and service plans to ensure optimal performance for years to come.

Combining niche industry focus with robust local experience, brand name products and diligent project management culminates in fulfilling, functional sauna and steam room installations you’ll enjoy for decades.

Key Services Offered by Sauna & Steam Contractors

The full process of sauna and steam room design, supply and installation comprises many intricate steps and considerations where expertise makes all the difference.

Design & Planning

Leading contractors have qualified design teams who help translate your vision of features, aesthetics, seating capacities and more into detailed 3D concept plans tailored to the confines of your space for review before installation.

Equipment Supply & Importing

Through established supplier contacts abroad, quality sauna and steam room contractors source leading European and North American brands of heating equipment, sound systems, mood lighting, wood, glass and ventilation systems for delivery and import clearance in Dubai.

Demolition & Site Preparation

For existing construction retrofit projects, the first tasks involve the careful demolition and removal of existing walls, floorings and electrical/plumbing systems to prepare the barebones structure for the new sauna or steam room suite.

Framing & Waterproofing

Contractors properly frame out reinforced walls and ceiling cavities before applying weatherproof moisture barriers throughout the new interior spaces preventing leakage and humidity damage long term.

Ventilation Systems Integration

Powerful exhaust fans paired with fresh airflow intake vents interconnected through ductwork helps circulate clean, temperature controlled air in and steamy air out to maintain visibility and airflow.

Electrical & Plumbing Work

Certified in-house electricians and plumbers wire up dedicated electrical circuits and amperage capacity for heating units, mood lighting, audio systems and steam generator drainage lines.

Installation & Testing

In the final construction phase, benches, finishes like tiles or wood walls, glass fixtures, heating rocks or generators and mood lighting are all installed before thorough testing across operating temperatures.

Partnering with experienced sauna and steam room contractors ensures every last detail comes together for the luxurious amenity addition you deserve.

Types of Saunas & Steam Rooms Available

Reputable contractors are able to construct customized versions of all popular sauna and steam room types:

Traditional Wood Saunas

The most classic sauna option using tongues and groove wood wall paneling and separater external volcanic rock heater units that allow water to be ladled across the stones for bursts of steam. Available in range of sizes with wood or tile floorings.

Modern & Luxury Saunas

Contemporary saunas feature glass walls, recessed lighting, sleek tilings and ergonomic built-in seating for a minimalist, futuristic statement piece in your home or facility. Fully customized sizing and designs available.

Outdoor Garden Saunas

Contractors can construct gorgeous outdoor wood garden saunas placed on terraces, backyards or gardens for enjoying Dubai’s beautiful weather while you detoxify in the dry heat or steam. Exterior finishing blends into landscaping.

Steam Showers & Rooms

Steam rooms utilize sealed humidity filled chambers powered by steam generator units mounted on walls or ceilings with outlets pumping steam across the interior space unlike open steam showers. Fully tiled inside with waterproof floor and walls.

Portable Saunas

For flexible placement or while travelling, portable pop-up vinyl sauna tents available hooked up to internal steam generators for temporary set up in homes, hotels or outdoors. Lower cost options perfect for detoxing.

With the expertise of the leading sauna and steam room contractors in Dubai, any design can be brought to life customized to your space and budget long term.

How Much Do Sauna & Steam Rooms Cost in Dubai?

The total installation costs for saunas and steam rooms primarily depends upon:

Size – Small 2 to 4 person saunas start around 25,000 AED while larger 4 to 6+ person designs range from 40,000 to over 100,000 AED or more.

Materials & Brands – Costs rise considerably for Grade A Nordic spruce or hemlock wood, tempered glass walls, high end tiles, lighting and audio vs basic options.

Location – Outdoor or larger renovations involving structural changes, extensions or drainage can increase labor and materials costs substantially.

Features – Upgraded filtration systems, Bluetooth/WIFI connectivity, ceramic infrared heaters, voice controls and other features improve functionality but also boost budgets.

On average, most contractors quote around 30,000 to 60,000 AED for professionally installed higher end indoor saunas and steam rooms featuring glass surrounds, custom wood interiors, linear drainage systems, ventilation and dedicated power supply capacities. Larger customized hotel or commercial installations easily exceed 100,000 AED.

Site Survey & Project Quotes

Due to the many construction variables and options for saunas and steam rooms, reputable contractors always conduct on-site design meetings first before providing accurate fixed price quotes outlining all materials, equipment and labor costs upfront.

Be wary of quotes provided too easily over the phone without understanding exact project scope and space limitations first. Transparent cost breakdowns let you prioritize key options vs unnecessary upgrades too.

FAQs on Sauna & Steam Room Contractors

Researching the ideal sauna and steam room contractors in Dubai for your project? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Do you provide design visualizations?

Yes, leading contractors have dedicated design teams providing concept plans and 3D visualizations bringing your vision to life before installations begin so you can preview the aesthetics and layout exactly.

What electrical requirements are there?

Saunas and steam rooms require 220-240v power supply systems rated for 20 to 40 amp loads depending on heating unit sizing – electricians Ensure adequate dedicated capacity before installation.

Are building permits required?

Yes contractors handle all planning approvals and arrange for building authority inspections during various installation phases to ensure adherence to Dubai construction, electrical & plumbing regulations.

Where are your materials & brands sourced from?

Through established global supply channels, top sauna/steam room products and accessories are imported from leading manufacturers across North America and Europe including brands like Helo, Finnleo, Tylo and Klafs.

Got any other questions? The friendly staff of Dubai’s top sauna and steam room contractors provide quick answers tailored your project! Contact the pros today to get started.


Constructing a steam room or sauna suited for your needs involves addressing many architectural planning, electrical, ventilation and finishing details where expertise makes all the difference towards comfort, visual appeal and longevity. Rather than risk frustrations from non specialized builders overpromising on complex sauna and steam room projects, partner with reputable specialty contractors for satisfying outcomes you’ll enjoy for decades.

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