Best Sauna Steam Room Installation in Dubai

Best Sauna Steam Room Installation in Dubai

Dubai is known for its extravagant and luxurious experiences, and sauna steam rooms are no exception. Installing a high-quality home sauna or steam room allows you to bring the relaxing spa experience into the comfort of your own home. With Dubai’s hot climate, having your own personal oasis to relax in after a long day is a worthwhile investment.

However, finding the best sauna steam room supplier and installation company in Dubai can be a challenge with so many options to choose from. You want to find a company that not only offers top-notch sauna and steam room products but also exceptional design and installation services tailored specifically for the climate and homes in Dubai.

Why Choose ‘Sauna Steam Room’ for Installation in Dubai

As a premier sauna and steam room installation company based right here in Dubai, Sauna Steam Room has the expertise to expertly design, supply and install saunas and steam rooms perfect for Dubai homes and hotels.

Custom Design and Consultation

We provide custom design services and consult with you to understand your vision, needs and space constraints to create the ideal sauna or steam room specifically catered to you. Whether you want a more modern, minimalist style or a traditional look with wood benches, we can bring your ideas to life.

Top Quality Materials and Products

Using years of industry experience and contacts, we source high grade, luxurious materials from leading sauna and steam room suppliers around the world. We use tempered glass, the best Canadian hemlock or Nordic spruce wood, smooth ceramic tiles, powerful heaters and generators, ergonomic seating, Chromotherapy mood lighting, built-in sound systems and only the most durable, long-lasting construction materials.

Expert Local Installation

We have professionally trained installers who have years of experience installing sauna and steam rooms perfectly suited for Dubai homes and climate. We handle everything from initial design mockups to electrical, plumbing, lighting, ventilation and finish installation so you have a stress-free experience.

Ongoing Service and Warranties

We offer warranties and continued service, maintenance and repairs down the road should anything need attention in your sauna or steam room. We stand behind our top notch workmanship and products.

Key Sauna & Steam Room Benefits

Investing in a sauna or steam room for your Dubai home or hotel comes with many excellent benefits beyond just relaxation.


Sweating in a sauna or steam room helps rid your body of toxins, heavy metals and other waste products by sweating them out through your skin and pores. The heat causes a rush of blood flow carrying nutrients, water and oxygen throughout your body to keep your cells healthy.

Stress and Pain Relief

The warmth from the heaters and humidifiers can help provide natural relief for sore muscles, arthritis, chronic pain, sports injuries, headaches and more. Along with flushing out toxins, your body also releases endorphins and reduces cortisol levels responsible for stress. You’ll feel a calming sense of relaxation.

Skin Health & Beauty

Exposing your skin to heat causes it to release collagen and elastin responsible for keeping skin firm and youthful in appearance. This results in a “glowing” complexion. The steam also opens your pores allowing them to flush out dirt, oils and impurities trapped deep within for clean and fresh skin.

Improved Immunity

Frequent use of dry sauna heat or steam rooms gives your immune system a boost by stimulating white blood cell and antibody production to better fight off germs and infections. The heat raises your core body temperature to mimic a fever response, which research shows can prevent and reduce common illnesses like colds, flus and even chronic conditions.

Weight Loss & Detox

The combination of sweating out bodily toxins, burning calories through heat exposure, releasing metabolism and fat burning hormones, reducing water weight, and feeling re-energized after use leads many to use saunas and steam rooms as part of their fitness and weight loss programs.

Types of Saunas & Steam Rooms Available

We offer custom designed installations of all sauna and steam room types to perfectly match different needs and preferences:

Traditional Wood Saunas

The most classic sauna option uses tongues and groove wood paneling like hemlock or spruce with an external heater made of volcanic rocks that water can be ladled across to create bursts of steam. Available in a range of sizes.

Modern & Luxury Saunas

More contemporary saunas feature smooth glass walls, recessed lighting, ergonomic built-in seating and floor-to-ceiling tiled interiors available in multiple colors for a sleek, modern statement piece. Very customizable.

Outdoor Garden Saunas

We can expertly construct gorgeous outdoor wood saunas placed in gardens, terraces or yards for enjoying Dubai’s beautiful weather while you detoxify in the dry heat or steam. Finished exteriors blend into the scenery.

Steam Showers & Rooms

Steam rooms use sealed humidity filled chambers heated by steam generators forcing steam through outlets across the walls and ceilings for easy breathing and steam absorption by the skin unlike steam showers. Fully tiled interior with mood lighting.

Portable Sauna Tents

For flexible placement or travel, portable vinyl sauna tents allow temporary set up indoors or outdoors. Use a folding chair inside and hook these tents up to a steam generator or heating unit. Great for detoxing at home or while staying in hotels.

No matter which sauna or steam room type you prefer, the expert team at Sauna Steam Room can bring your visions to life with custom designed installations right here in Dubai.

In-Depth Installation Process

Installing a fully functioning, high quality and great looking sauna or steam room requires attention to many details that our skilled staff excel at.

Design & Consultation

We begin every order by meeting with clients at their home or business site for measurements and vision consultations before drafting detailed 3D design plans you can visualize to capture the precise look you want including preferred materials and features.

Layout & Electrical Planning

Next we layout exactly where the sauna or steam room will fit into your space with detailed drawings to ensure proper clearance is available for door access, seating, heating and ventilation systems. We map out the necessary electrical work needed to supply power to the heating units as well as lighting, stereo systems or any other electrical features. Proper wiring capacity to avoid shortages is ensured.

Ventilation & Plumbing Work

Saunas and steam rooms require dedicated ventilation ductwork diffusing hot air to the exterior and fresh air intakes to circulate clean, temperature controlled air back inside your sauna. Our electricians handle all exhaust fans, ducts, vents and wiring. Plumbers on staff expertly connect any drainage or water supply lines.

Framing & Waterproofing

Before interior finishings are installed, we completely frame out and reinforce the interior walls and ceiling cavities as needed based on size and location. Waterproof membranes are applied throughout with sealants lining all joints and junctures to prevent moisture damage longterm.

Trims, Benches & Accessories

We construct or procure any custom cedar wood benches, back supports, interior trims, corner seats and accessories per your approved plans with attention to detail on angles, finishing and durability. Any glass walls, railings or hardware is also professionally installed.

Heating Systems & Steam Generation

The heating unit, stones, water bucket and ladle for dry saunas or digital steam generator for steam rooms are professionally installed and connected to duct systems and drains per manufacturer instructions for optimized heating and steam delivery.

Surrounding Floorings & Lighting

In the final stages we waterproof and install floor tiles, wall tiles or wood wall paneling along with mood lighting, stereo systems, colored chromotherapy lights, backlit glass and any final touches before inspection and testing. Your high end sauna or steam room emerges at last!

The experts at Sauna Steam Room painstakingly ensure every last detail comes together for not only impeccable function but also beautiful form in your custom sauna or steam room.

FAQs on Sauna & Steam Room Installation

Still have some questions? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about installing saunas and steam rooms:

How long does installation normally take?

The full process usually completes within 3 to 5 weeks from design finalization to completion depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Do you handle all permits & inspections?

Absolutely – we submit all necessary drawings to municipal departments and arrange for building inspectors to sign off at multiple stages of electrical, ventilation and plumbing work so you have assurance of code compliance.

Can you install outdoor or portable saunas?

Yes we have expertise building custom outdoor wood or garden saunas on terraces, yards or gardens in Dubai to take advantage of the climate. We also offer and install portable low EMF sauna tents.

What warranty do you provide on equipment?

We provide at minimum a 2 year warranty on all heating equipment like heaters and steam generators as well as a 10 year minimum warranty on most framing and finishing installation workmanship against defects or water damage.

Do I need any dedicated electrical capacity?

Yes, saunas and steam rooms require dedicated 220-240V electrical systems with sufficient amperage capacity to run heaters, steam generators, lighting, audio systems and other electrical loads simultaneously to ensure consistent function.

Got any other questions? Our team is ready to provide answers and transparency ahead of your installation. Contact Sauna Steam Room in Dubai today to get started!


Adding an at-home sauna or steam room delivers a range of benefits beyond just pure relaxation that makes it well worth the investment, especially in Dubai’s hot climate. With the endless design options and expert local installation services Sauna Steam Room provides, you’re sure to create your dream oasis customized to your space and personal needs.

Our combination of top tier imported sauna and steam room equipment paired with skilled design consultations and professional installations means we stand apart from any other companies in Dubai. Contact us today to schedule a completely free at-home design meeting and start making your luxury sauna or steam room dreams a reality!

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