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 Reliable Gym Maintenance in Dubai was started by Corey Brough out of frustration at trying to get Gym equipment serviced on time or at all. After spending 13 years in the service industry it was a natural progression to start a business that provided excellence in service and importantly in quality Gym equipment repairs, we offer a variety of services and of course are friendly and well-presented.

Reliable Gym Maintenance Dubai is all about service, we work after hours (weekends included) and are more than happy to discuss maintenance needs in Resorts and Gyms, we are confident we can provide any Gym or studio of any size a cost-effective maintenance schedule and provide reliable ongoing service.

Reliable Gym Maintenance & Equipment Services In Dubai - UAE

About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting the site for Reliable Gym Maintenance, one of Dubai’s leading gym and treadmill repair service providers. We are experts in gym maintenance and repair, treadmill repair , cross trainer, rower repair including Concept 2 rowers and pin weight equipment and cover Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and UAE. A part from gym maintenance in Dubai, we also provide the gym rubber flooring supply and installation in Dubai.

Whether you require maintenance or repair on a large commercial gym, personal training studio, resort or just need your treadmill repaired in Dubai and other emirates, we can help. Our fully trained friendly technicians will be onsite promptly to quote and repair in a time-efficient, clean and cost-effective manner.

We have been repairing and maintaining gym equipment, treadmills and all cardio equipment around Brisbane and the Dubai for many years.

We are based on the Dubai but our area covers Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and we are committed to providing quality, guaranteed, cost-effective work to these areas, however if you are outside of these areas contact us and we may still be able to help.


Commercial, Residential or Resort Gym maintenance is our focus, we also will provide services to Government facilities, Cruise ships or workplaces with a lot or a little equipment, our area is predominantly Dubai and other Emirates, although we are happy to talk about services to any area. We will repair and put a cost-effective maintenance schedule together to keep equipment running smoothly and keep the OUT OF ORDER signs in the cupboard. We repair Cardio and Weight equipment and where ever possible repair rather than replace expensive items.

Initial Service

Our first service is a complete check of all equipment (including spin bikes), we gather all the model numbers of equipment and put together a floor layout which is then saved and stored, next we put a list together of faulty machines detail the problems and provide a quote for repairs, potential future problems are also noted at this stage.

First Service

Here is where we start getting the hands dirty, all treadmill covers are removed and dust cleaned from the motor and internals, incline motors are lubed, belts lubed (if applicable) and a full check, all electric bikes are checked for operation and seat slides lubed, all weight equipment is checked, runners lubed and all other cardio machines are looked over. Spin bikes are operated and checked for adjustment and noise and benches and upholstery is checked for wear.

Ongoing Maintenance

After the first service is complete we will then put together a maintenance schedule to keep things going, wether this is monthly, six months or even once a year we will work with you to avoid breakdowns. Monthly services can be discussed and we will be happy to discuss this with you at the time of service.


Whether you have just one piece of equipment or a small Gym, if it is old or new we can provide a service to maintain and repair of gym equipment in Dubai.

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We can provide a cost-effective maintenance schedule for a home gym, private and commercial and offer after hours servicing (including weekends) to keep the gym going.

About Us