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Our company is the country’s number one source for sauna heaters. We have the industry’s top brands like Finlandia (Harvia), Tylo. Sauna core and Scandia.

No matter which type of model or brand for sauna heater you’re looking for (i.e. sauna electric heaters, wood burning sauna heaters or gas sauna heaters), we have the various brands and models for you in Dubai. Have questions? We have a sufficient product information on or website, or just email, whatsapp or call us to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales people!

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Sauna heater by Harvia and imported from Finland, Finlandia heaters give you stainless steel elements for long-life and a larger rock capacity than many heaters. In addition you'll get a full stainless interior. Google it, why Finlandia electric sauna heaters are the preferred choice by builders and architects around the world!

best electric sauna heater by Saunacore

Saunacore electric heaters for sauna offer both outstanding safety and energy saving features in it, as well as sleek, high technology design. Innovative ventilation system allows these sauna electric heaters to run up to 50 degrees cooler than most heating units in the market. Deluxe models like the SE have stainless interiors and incoloy elements.

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It is easy to trust our company in Dubai to carry out any Sauna Heaters plan at a fair rate and within a quick fashion. You need to work with an organization that you can have faith in, and the organization is Sauna Heater Guys. We know the ins and outs of Sauna Heaters, and we have got the expertise and skills to be sure that your whole venture will go quickly. If you're not happy, we aren't finished, and we will continue to work hard with your Sauna Heaters task until it encounters your total satisfaction.

Choosing the Ideal Sauna Heater

Sauna heaters are the ones in demand nowadays out of the four different forms of sauna heaters namely wood, infrared, and electric and gas. You must know more about it to enable you to buy the best infrared sauna heaters and kits that are portable.

Infrared Sauna Heaters

The first thing you need to do is to make a list of the different models available that are manufactured by various companies and check out whether you can buy them at a store in your neighborhood or at the website.

The kind of infrared being used by each model is also of paramount importance. While all of them would be portable, the infrared used could be of the near infrared, the mid infrared and the far infrared range. Out of the three, it is the far infrared sauna heaters and kits that confer the maximum health advantages.

Make sure that you buy a sauna infrared heater that consists of ceramic elements of the concave type as they are better than the rod shaped infrared sauna units. They can save you close to 96% energy as compared to the saving of only 50% that you can get from the rod shaped infrared sauna heaters.

Operating the infrared sauna heater through its controls is something you must learn next. They can be either manually operated or operated automatically using the remote. You must decide what is ideal for you. Since some of these heaters have an inbuilt mechanism of limiting the heat generated, you must opt for the manual control one so that you can get the desired temperature and can control it accordingly.

As with most items, it is necessary to check out the maintenance as well as the warranty being offered. Though these portable heaters do not require high maintenance, it is better to know about it so that you can keep it running efficiently especially since your usage of the infrared sauna heaters would be regular.

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